We love coffee

Highfield Park loves coffee, we believe that coffee is life-changing. That is why recently we upgraded the coffee machines.

For many people, stopping at a certain point in the day or after a meal to have a cup of coffee or espresso, allows them to relax for a moment and put aside their daily problems. When sharing a coffee or espresso with friends and family, the ritual has become not only a basic gesture of hospitality, but also a celebration of being together. 

In many cultures, the rituals of tea and coffee drinking also have religious and/or spiritual significance. A prime example of this is the famous Japanese tea ceremony which has lots of formalism attached to a proscribed and often protracted serving of special ceremonial tea. 

In Italy, espresso is sipped all day long as part of the daily ritual. The French start their day with a large bowl of café au lait, ideal for the dunking of buttery croissants. The Scandinavians and Dutch also like their morning coffee with milk, accompanied by pastries and/or bread. While all of these examples are daily rituals, none of them have mystical or religious connotations. 

Like Americans, the Germans usually drink coffee in the morning and again in the late afternoon. In South America, the Brazilians drink café com leite in the morning, as the day progresses, they drink black cafezhino. The coffee of Mexico, caffe de la olla, is brewed with raw sugar and cinnamon sticks. 

The Americans coffee ranges from drip-brewed traditional coffee served with dinner to the chicory New Orleans café au lait usually enjoyed with beignets. In the last decade, Starbucks created the “Seattle coffee craze,” and has made espresso-based drinks (such as cappuccino and latte), and espresso-laden drinks(like red-eyes and dead-eyes) more widespread and popular in America than ever before. 

We have chosen our coffee for its exceptional blend of carefully sorted Arabica beans roasted dark to emphasise and preserve their powerful character. Here are Highfield Park's reasons for taking time to enjoy a coffee;

Reason number 1

The variety of flavours and smells that can be achieved by coffee. These smells can really take you to places (some you have never “bean” before). They evoke memories and can improve the bodies perception to what is around it.

Reason number 2

The social side of coffee. If you haven’t seen someone for a while, why not meet for a coffee. Why not meet at Highfield Park? Some of the greatest films in Hollywood start with a coffee (think breakfast at Tiffany’s) so why not start your day with one.

Reason number 3

How it makes you feel. Without coffee, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be here to write this blog!

Now you know our three reasons, why not tell us yours! 

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