Will wedding venues negotiate on price?

Everyone has heard of the saying, if you don't ask, you don't get. We use it wherever we can, whether that's to get a discount off a holiday or free delivery when ordering a large product, so why not for your wedding venue?

The key thing to remember is that you need to be flexible, flexible to what the venue can offer you.

If you are looking for a Saturday in peak wedding season so July, August or September, then asking for a discount isn't going to come back with the answer you hoped for. This is peak season for a reason and so any venue will be extremely unlikely to offer any discounts on prices as the likely hood is they have had more than one couple ask for the same date.

However, if you remain flexible and ask the venue when the best deals are available then there can be some great offers to be had. Be prepared though for the venue to offer you dates within the next 6 months. A wedding can be easily organised within 3 to 6 months if you either A. already know what you want so its just a case of sourcing the suppliers or B. are happy to be guided by the venue and their expertise. Or, the venue may offer you a date in low season such as winter or even a midweek day at anytime of the year. 

If you are working specifically towards a budget but know you want a venue in particular, then be honest with them and tell them what the budget is. Even tell them ideally what you would like included (but be reasonable!). If you then say to the venue that you are happy with any date but you can’t go over the budget then at least they have something to work with. They will then be able to look into every possible option for you and come back with the best offer that they can, maybe even meeting your budget.

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